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How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe

I like to start my day at the gym, and while I’ve not had my usual access to do so lately, it has gotten me thinking a lot about my AM routine and what keeps me motivated and makes things easier for me to wake up early even when I don’t necessarily feel like on those particularly cold mornings.

Because I like to get a good sweat session in, and I too like to enjoy a hearty breakfast before making my way into the office, this time in quarantine gave me much gratitude and a new perspective for the systems I had in place that have helped me have stress free start to my day for many years.

Below, are some wardrobe must haves that can help you make getting ready effortless, whether or not you like to workout before work or are getting a family ready to start their day.

Build a foundation of high quality basics including the below must-have pieces

  1. Blazer

  2. White-collared blouse

  3. LBD

  4. Blue denim

  5. Dark denim

  6. Joggers

  7. Lace bralette

  8. Day to Day Jewelry

  9. Moto Jacket

If you’d like some more personal assistance I do offer a personal style services to help you get better organized: Virtual Style Coaching and for the rest of you who just want to add a new piece here or there checkout my personally curated Capsule Wardrobe Collection with new items added weekly!


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